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Could Wearing Make-up Be Good For You?

By: Guest Blogger, Jamie from Jamie Jabberish.

Doctors recommend ingesting Vitamin C, why not rub it into your skin too?

Applying make-up in the morning is just part of our daily routine. We often forget to stop and think about what we are actually slathering onto and into our skin. I’ve read that anywhere between 60-90% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed in the blood stream. The percentage is higher if you have frequent blemishes and/or abrasions. Yikes! So what’s the answer?…There’s no way I’m leaving my house without make-up.

Green make-up of course!

I know…I know…when you think of green make-up, you think of hippies with their earth tones and patchouli oil scent. However, the truth is that green make-up has really come along way. There are now super fun shades for the everyday office women, glam girl or hippie in us all. Not to mention fragrance (usually brought on by the use of essential oils) of citrus, rose, lemongrass and my all time favorite lavender.

Many are not aware of the benefits that come along with wearing green make-up. Especially, for moms who have a little monkey discovering all the fun parts on your face…then yanking at them! Those cute little fingers you worked so hard at developing will soon, no doubt, find their way into your babies mouth.

Here are some benefits of sporting green make-up:

  • Green make-up is environmentally friendly
  • Blemishes may become less frequent
  • Hydrate skin for a silky smooth finish
  • No animal testing

Personally when I read a post like this, I get all worked up and want to throw everything in my make-up bag away and start fresh. Please don’t be a crazy woman like me and do this. Start one product at a time. When you run out of your favorite red lipstick, try a green version in the same shade. One product at a time you will see your make-up bag transform into your skins little army of nutrients. If you are the over achiever type, you can even find recipes online to make your own products.

There are also a wide variety of price points now available. I tend to splurge on the base layer, things like primer and foundation. Then go cheaper with the lipsticks and gloss because I know I can’t afford every shade ever invented.

If you would like to read more about my decision to switch to green make-up and the products I love, you can do so here: Green Make-Up Jamie Jabberish.


Special Thanks to Today’s Guest Blogger!


Jamie is a SAHM, freelance designer and blogger. When she’s not changing a diaper or designing for her children’s clothing line you can find her writing about topics that inspire her in life at Jamie Jabberish.

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  • suzan tarabay November 1, 2012, 2:17 pm

    i really like the ideas i get from all the topics but i really never know what does green make up mean

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