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How to Save Money on Must-Have Baby Products

Guest Blog by Nancy Parker.

budgeting for babyHaving a new baby in the family is one of the most exhilarating experiences a family can have. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive. Babies have a lot of needs – from diapers to baby clothes to strollers and car seats. It can be hard to sift through all of the different baby products and figure out what to splurge on and where you can save money without sacrificing quality.

For instance, you may wonder whether it’s worth buying new clothes or using secondhand outfits. Should you go with cloth diapers or more convenient disposable diapers?

Since you don’t want to spend the first months of your newborns life stressed out over financial woes, here are some ways you can save money while still purchasing all those products your baby needs:

Evaluate Your Spending Habits

Before you even think about purchasing any items for your newest addition, take a look at you and your partner’s spending habits and see where you can cut back without sacrificing your way of life. If you can still function without an item, you probably don’t need it in the first place. By cutting back in your daily life, you can put more money toward the items you need to purchase for your little one.

Check Craigslist

While you may want the latest and greatest crib set with the matching rocking chair, chances are that isn’t really a necessity. Instead scour Craig’s List for items that you can refinish and make into your own. Having a crib that you hand painted (and spent way less money on) will be more meaningful then the designer crib you bought for hundreds of dollars.

Buy Clothes From E-Bay

Baby clothes, cute as they may be, are incredibly short-lived – your baby is growing quickly and probably won’t be able to wear any one set of clothes for very long. You can find a lot of baby outfits with little to no wear from E-Bay at shockingly low prices. And don’t stop at E-Bay – there are bargain deals all over the Internet on everything you could ever possibly want or need for your newborn, all it requires is a little bit of searching.

Join a Warehouse Store Club

Shopping at places like Sam’s or Costco will help you stock up on items that you’re going to need for a while for cheaper than if you were buying them week to week. These are the perfect stores to buy diapers and non-perishable baby food.

Figure Out What You’ll Really Use

As nice as it may be to own multiple car seats, do you really need to or will one work just fine? Are you actually going to use the high-priced stroller, or can you make a cheaper one work? The reality is that a lot of items you think you just can’t live without will probably end up collecting dust somewhere – prioritize what you need versus what you want.

Having a new baby doesn’t mean that you have to go into debt. With smart spending habits you can still provide your child with everything he or she needs and still save some money – which will come in handy as far as saving for college goes!


Special Thanks to My Guest Blogger.

Nancy Parker was a professional nanny and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, and Babysitting, find a nanny tips etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @ gmail.com.

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