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Maternity Wear: Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials

Guest post by Kim White.

Maternity Swimwear by A Pea in the Pod at ShopStyle

No woman wants to look terrible during their pregnancy, but as any mum-to-be knows, it can also be an expensive time. Therefore it is not always possible to get a whole new maternity wardrobe, but there are ways to get a great look on a budget.

Invest in Interchangeable Pieces

The secret is to invest in a capsule wardrobe with a few key interchangeable pieces that work well together. A lot of magazines say you can get by with about three items in your wardrobe which is a little extreme but the principle is the same – choose your items carefully.

You’re only going to be pregnant for nine months so if you are counting the pennies it doesn’t make sense to duplicate your existing wardrobe, instead choose a few key pieces and you won’t go far wrong.

Must-Have Maternity Items

So what items should you have in this capsule wardrobe? A couple of well cut trousers are always a good investment these can then be then dressed up or down and are perfect for the office. A smart top for special occasions can then also be paired with the trousers for an evening look. A few slightly more casual tops, like simple white t-shirts and shirts, can then also be dressed down or up and can be worn for work or free time.

A plain dress can also be a wardrobe saviour as it can look stylish whatever the occasion. A cardigan or a jacket is a must as you will probably be pregnant for more than one season, so will need a cover up. A plain jumper is also a good idea as that can be worn in a variety of ways. Finally, a good pair of maternity jeans are a must, as they are a great wardrobe staple and are dead comfy too.

Also don’t dismiss what you already have in your wardrobe – that holiday cover-up maxi dress could be put to use and accessories are a great way to jazz up your capsule wardrobe. Handbags, shoes and jewellery from before you fell pregnant can all be utilised to help you look stylish whatever the occasion. In addition to casual and formal outfits, expectant mothers can also invest in maternity swimwear too. Although it is very important to consult your doctor to ensure exercise is safe during pregnancy.


Special thanks to my guest blogger.

Kim White is a English language and literature graduate from Middlesex University and has published articles related to a wide range of industries including healthcare, technology, and fashion. Kim lives in the UK with her husband and 2 children.

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