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Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

Cute Boy Baby“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” ~Don Herrold     

The other day I had tea with my best friend, Zenovia, who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first baby. She had a happy pregnancy glow which seemed to make everything about her a little brighter. As we chatted about her upcoming arrival, she began sharing the details of how tough it had been to figure out how to put together a nursery, but her nesting instincts had dictated that she get it all worked out before the ninth month. I had to laugh as I listened to her tale of woe. I remembered going through the exact same worries and frustrations when I was pregnant, too! I’d be willing to bet that most expectant moms share similar challenges, especially when it comes to the baby’s nursery. 

Safety First

Probably the most important thing I worried over was safety for my newborn in the nursery. I read all the latest infant safety information that was available and made sure that my baby’s room fell within the recommended guidelines.

I found that choosing furniture was fun, but I had to make sure that anything I put in the room was safe and couldn’t inadvertently bring harm to my child.

When deciding on furniture placement for your own nursery, be sure to consider where the power outlets are in the room and baby proof them accordingly. Though it may be a while before you have to worry about your child walking around, it’s never too early to think about childproofing door knobs, locks, drawers, doors, and electrical outlets.

Keep baby cribs away from windows, heaters, doors, and other electrical appliances, too.  You will also want to be cautious about putting baby beds against walls that have hanging picture frames on them, and be sure to brace any shelving so that it is unable to fall on your infant.

The Right Furniture

Once I’d got past the safety issues, I was ready to move on to really focusing on what items of furniture I would need in the baby’s room. Obviously, the crib was important, along with a proper changing table with all the necessary lotions, wipes, and diapers within easy reach.  Also, a cupboard or chest of drawers to store baby clothing and blankets came in handy, too.

However, many mothers, including my friend Zenovia, also feel having a rocking chair in the room is helpful for rocking the baby to sleep.

Try getting a lamp with light bulb that uses soft light. This will help create a soothing and relaxing environment for both mother and child. Some parents like to have “white noise” in the background that helps the room from being too quiet.  You can purchase “white noise” machines that create the sounds of ocean waves, crickets, rain forests, or gentle rain.

Baby Theme

When it comes to choosing a theme for the nursery, many mothers have very definite ideas about what they want to see.  Some like to keep it simple by just putting up a new coat of paint, while others like to use coordinating bedding sets that match a particular style. It used to be that pink was for girls and light blue was for boys, but many parents now go for more neutral colors that would suite either a boy or a girl, such as yellow or green.

Think about using wall stencils to create baby friendly designs such as butterflies and teddy bears. I have seen some really cute rooms where special quotes from favorite stories were painted on the walls which gave the room a very personal touch.

Take some time choosing your nursery theme. This room will be not only a place for your infant to sleep and call home, but it will be a place you spend a great deal of time in, too. If big purple flowers are hard on your eyes, then don’t put them up! After all, you want to feel comfortable, as well. Hanging mobiles, a Disney princess wall murals, matching sheets—it’s really up to each particular mom’s taste as for which direction they want to go and how much uniformity they want within a room.

If the process of putting together a nursery seems overwhelming, don’t fret. It’s natural to have worries and concerns, but regardless of what you choose, your nursery will be a special place for you and your baby!

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