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Prenatal Care

Cameras Banned in the Delivery Room – Which Side are You on?

The moment of birth is a glorious occasion, albeit a bit bloody. Many parents like to capture this special moment on videotape. Some like snapping photos of the hospital room – mom lying in the hospital bed, all huge and exhausted, and dad by her side. Whether it’s photographs or videos of the “big day,” virtually all parents want a record of their baby’s arrival in the world. Is this a right or a privilege?

A recent New York Times article about cameras in the delivery room, and the rules against them has stirred a lot of controversy and talk in the parenting community.

Some parents might argue it’s their right to take pictures and video during birth, but more hospitals are limiting cameras and video cameras during delivery. For the hospitals involved, it’s not about the “rights” of the parents, but rather about the health and safety of the mom and baby, and of course, protecting the privacy of the medical staff.  Not all doctors and nurses want the world to see them on YouTube or Facebook. [continue reading…]


Fetal Development – Second Trimester of Pregnancy

This is the second installment in the Fetal Development – Pregnancy Week by Week – videos. (The first post in the series was First Trimester of Pregnancy: Fetal Development).

In the second trimester of pregnancy, all of your pregnancy symptoms tend to get better. The elevated levels of pregnancy hormones in your body levels off, so you get relief from everything. No more morning sickness, goodbye for fatigue (until the third trimester), and say hello to renewed sex drive! You will love your second trimester of pregnancy – which is often called the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy.

Inside your womb, here’s how your baby is developing…

Fetal Development – 15 Weeks Pregnant to 20 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal Development: Pregnancy Week 21 to 27 Weeks Pregnant


First Trimester of Pregnancy: Fetal Development

If you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy, you will enjoy the following video. Brought to you by BabyCenter, one of the most trusted resources for pregnant women and new moms, this video explains what changes are happening inside your womb – from the moment of conception (sperm fertilized egg) until your second trimester.

You will be amazed at how fast and how quickly your baby develops. Fetal development is quite miraculous, and the first trimester of pregnancy is an especially sensitive time. In the first trimester, all of your baby’s major organs – heart, lungs, spinal cord – are undergoing dramatic changes. That’s why healthy living habits (such as no smoking or drinking) is crucial in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

(Videos are embedded after the Jump).

Pregnancy Week 1-9 – Fetal Development in the 1st Trimester

Pregnancy Week 10-14: Fetal Development in the 1st Trimester

Stay tuned tomorrow and the next day for more videos. I will embed all 40 weeks of pregnancy into my posts. Hope you enjoy them!