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Pregnancy Lifestyle

Countdown to Baby: 7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Having a Baby

Countdown to Giving Birth

Once the excitement of your baby’s presence has set in, and your pregnancy progresses through its beautiful and sometimes challenging phases, there are many important tasks to focus on as you prepare yourself for “go-time.”
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Using a Heating Pad While Pregnant – Safety Tips

Heating pads in pregnancy

Using a heating pad while pregnant is considered safe, and it offers a safe alternative to having to take medications to deal with every day pregnancy aches and pains.

Heating pads are wonderful for treating achy backs, leg cramps, and achy joints and muscles in pregnancy. You can also ease your pain by taking a hot – but not too hot – bath with epsom salts.

An epsom salt bath is also perfectly safe for pregnant women. But just make sure that the water is not too hot. [continue reading…]


Using a Heating Pad While Pregnant: Is it Safe?

Can you use a heating pad while pregnant? This is a commonly asked pregnancy question, and a very good one. Heating pads can be effective in relieving sore muscles, aches and pains. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that you have lots of physical discomforts during pregnancy.

Naturally, many pregnant women are worried about heating pads, because experts have advised them to avoid saunas and hot tubs in pregnancy, due to the risk of raising their core body temperature.

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Green Tea in Pregnancy: Benefits and Risks

Green Tea During PregnancyFor over 4,000 years, Asians have sipped and enjoyed green tea as a warming beverage and a form of traditional medicine. Green tea has its origins in China, but it’s beloved in all the Asian countries – including Vietnam, China, Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan. In traditional medicine, green tea is believed to help with digestion, regulate blood sugar, and control bleeding.

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