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Maternity Fashion

Pregnancy Styles and Maternity Fashion Tips

When you’ve passed the “I look bloated” phase of pregnancy and people realize that you’re pregnant, you should flaunt that belly! Don’t hide your growing belly behind frumpy maternity clothes, oversized shirts, and baggy clothes. Gone are the days when the only option you had was a Moo-Moo. Today’s pregnancy styles are very stylish and fashionable.

Maternity designers know that a fashionista doesn’t stop being fashion-conscious, just because she’s gained ten or twenty pounds (and sometimes more than that). Fortunately, today’s maternity fashion has evolved and become very stylish and chic.

Here are a few maternity fashion tips to consider:

  • When searching for maternity tops, you should look for pregnancy-friendly fabrics that will gently hug your bump, but they still allow plenty of room for you to grow. Fabrics you should look for include cotton and jersey. Finding a breathable fabric is best.
  • You might consider buying a pregnancy top with tie-backs or side shirring’s, which will flatter your unique pregnant body as you continue to get larger.
  • Pregnancy tops and maternity dresses that have a gathered hem below your bump are very flattering to a pregnant woman’s body. These pregnancy styles show off your curves, and they are comfortable to boot.
  • Splurge on basic maternity fashion – including a comfortable pair of pregnancy jeans, maternity tees, and a maternity bra.
  • Avoid the “tent-like” maternity dresses. When looking for a maternity dress, consider a dress with an empire waist. These are very stylish, and they allow fashionista moms to flaunt off their sexy bodies – pregnant bodies can be quite sexy, by the way! [continue reading…]