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Maternity Fashion

Pregnant in Fashionable Comfort

Pregnancy is a time of change and growth and there will be little adjustments to be made every day. You will notice great changes in your body as it blossoms and grows with your child. In the first trimester great activity is taking place in the womb, however externally (unless you are having a multiple pregnancy) little change will be noticeable.

The second trimester is when you start thinking about leaving the top button of your jeans undone and opting for elasticated waistbands over fitted suits. This is the time when you should consider investing in a few carefully selected items of maternity wear.

Maternity Top

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

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Create a Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

This is a Sponsored Post by Vertbaudet.

It was really important to me to create a capsule wardrobe with my maternity clothes, so that’s exactly what I did during my last pregnancy.  By that time, I’d already acquired a bit of a collection, so it wasn’t too tough to find ways to mix and match components.  However, I thought I’d pass along this information to those whose collection isn’t as extensive, so that they can build a capsule maternity wardrobe that they may want to return to someday.

Of course, the simplest way to go about creating a capsule wardrobe is to simply think about the various components of an outfit.  For tops, I personally went with Vertbaudet’s Maternity T-shirt.  I found this to be a good choice for the capsule wardrobe because it came in both beige medium solid and green light greyed colours, which make them easy to use with other colours.  Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, neutral colours are generally a good way to ensure that the various components of your capsule wardrobe will work together.  In other words, if you choose tops with colours and designs that stand out too much, you may have trouble incorporating such garments into a proper outfit.  The design of this shirt is also such that it gathers around the waist area, which adds that extra bit of warmth to the stomach.

Maternity T-shirt

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

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Maternity Date Night Fashions

Guest Post by Maggie.

One of the most exciting – yet dreadful – things about being pregnant are the maternity fashions. There are too many clothing pieces out there that try hide your bump, when you should be showing it off! While we don’t always feel the best while we’re pregnant, it’s still fun to put on a cute outfit every once in awhile and go on a hot date with your hubby! Even if you’re just out running errands, dressing cute and showing off your adorable belly is sure to get you compliments.

Casual Date Night

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Maternity Wear: Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials

Guest post by Kim White.

Maternity Swimwear by A Pea in the Pod at ShopStyle

No woman wants to look terrible during their pregnancy, but as any mum-to-be knows, it can also be an expensive time. Therefore it is not always possible to get a whole new maternity wardrobe, but there are ways to get a great look on a budget.

Invest in Interchangeable Pieces

The secret is to invest in a capsule wardrobe with a few key interchangeable pieces that work well together. A lot of magazines say you can get by with about three items in your wardrobe which is a little extreme but the principle is the same – choose your items carefully.
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