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Herbal Remedies and Recipes for Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relievers when you are in painPain has become a part of many of our lives. Mine included, as I suffer from Lyme Disease. On a regular basis, I struggle with chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia, in addition to other symptoms. Narcotic pain medications are not the best answer for everyone, especially not if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Natural pain relievers do exist! Inflammation, whether acute like from a C-section incision or chronic like fibromyalgia, are at the heart of many women’s pain. The key to reducing pain and encourage healing is to reduce inflammation. Here are several suggestions that I have found to be helpful in reducing inflammation and pain. I do all of these and they have helped me dramatically. I hope they can help you as well.

* Please Consult your healthcare provider before trying any of these. I am not a doctor or healthcare provider. * 

Inflamyar made by Pekana: This is a mixture of several great herbs; the biggest one being Arnica which is known to be a great pain reliever. This is a homeopathic ointment that is used for localized pain, including bruishes, muscle sprains, joint pain, arthritis, and sports injuries. (Please note that because it is homeopathic remedy, it has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety or efficacy.) Its active ingredients include arnica montana, bellis perennis, bryonia cretica, guajacum officinale, ledum palustre, toxicodendron quercifolium (Rhus toxicodendron), ruta graveolens, and viscum album. These are all natural plants, herbs and flowers found in nature, and have been used in herbal medicine for centuries. [continue reading…]


Financial Planning: 8 Ways to Save Money

how to save money
Every family is looking to save a few extra dollars these days. With the rising cost of gas, food and utility bills, being frugal is at the top of many families’ list. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard! There are many ways to save money on everyday items and reduce your monthly expenditures.

The following 8 simple tips will become routine over time and help you save money, so read on and start saving soon!

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New BPA Study: Eating Canned Soup Spikes BPA Exposure by 1,0000 Percent

BPA in Canned FoodStay away from eating too much canned soup, warns a new Harvard research study, or you’ll risk high levels of bisphenol-A (BPA) in your body.

BPA is an endocrine-disrupting chemical, which is used to harden plastics, and can be found in the liners of metal food cans. Numerous research studies have linked BPA exposure to causing prostate cancer in men, breast cancer, infertility problems, early puberty, ADHD, and obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and numerous other health problems. The CDC reports that 9 out of 10 Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies.

There’s no denying that BPA is bad for you, so you definitely want to lower your risk of exposure by eating fresh ingredients whenever possible. [continue reading…]

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Sun Safety: 5 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

skin cancer preventionIt’s summertime, hot and sunny, and most of us want to be outside. If you have children, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time outside – playing in the yard, taking your kids to the park, swimming pools, etc. But whenever you’re outside, you’ll want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Although most of us don’t like to think about skin cancer, it’s an unfortunate reality. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S., and it’s also the most preventable. Over 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year, and what’s quite scary is that melanoma (the most serious and deathly form of skin cancer) is rising among young women. Experts blame this increase on more young women using tanning beds and tanning lamps, as well as tanning in the sun. [continue reading…]