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Blogging Tips & Tutorials

Free WordPress.com vs. Self-Hosted WordPress.org

Whether you’re new to blogging, or you’re considering the move from Blogger to WordPress, it’s important for you to learn the difference between the two types of WordPress blogs – WordPress.com (free) and WordPress.org (paid).

WordPress.org, which is self-hosted, is more SEO-friendly and gives you more functionality. It also allows you to have complete freedom in terms of using Google Adsense and other ads. On WordPress.com, you cannot use ads on your site.

If you’re looking to become a professional blogger, you need to choose self-hosted WordPress.org. You will learn why later in this post. If blogging is your hobby and you have no interest in making money from your blog, WordPress.com may be the right fit for you.

Here’s a breakdown between WordPress.com versus WordPress.org (which is what I use). [continue reading…]


Tutorial: How to Make a Blog Button

In this blogging tutorial, you will learn how to make a blog button in five easy steps. You’ll get the blog button code and the grab box code. Plus, you will find out how to install the HTML code into your sidebar, and troubleshooting tips. I have included screenshots along the way to help you get a better picture on how to do this. I’ve done my best to make this as easy as possible for newbie bloggers. Let’s get started.

In order to be a successful blogger, you have to brand yourself and your blog. There are a million blogs and websites out there. What makes your blog different? Why should visitors take the time to read yours?

Creating a blog button is the perfect way to brand your blog. It promotes your blog’s name, look and feel, and mission in one simple image. You will use your unique blog button on blog hops, blog directories, Entrecard, on your sidebar, etc. When another blogger grabs your blog button and posts it on their sidebar, it opens you up to new visitors and more followers. In a nutshell, your blog button is your main advertising tool.

(Newbies – a blog button is a hyperlinked image or logo that takes a visitor to your homepage when it’s clicked on.)

When my blog was young and newly “born,” I was actively participating in blog hops where I was sharing my blog button. From personal experience, it definitely helped drive more traffic and get me new followers and readers.

To drive traffic to your blog, you’ll want to design and make a blog button that makes visitors want to click. Mommy bloggers create the most stylish blog buttons. I’ve found that the most successful mom and parenting bloggers have well-designed blog buttons. You can hire a graphic designer to create a blog button for you for a minimal fee, or you can design it yourself.

This tutorial gives you the steps involved in:

  • How to make a blog button.
  • Creating a code box that allows other bloggers to grab your blog button and place it on their blog.
  • How to add and display the code box and make a blog button using WordPress and Blogger platforms. [continue reading…]

Blogging Tips & Tutorials – New Blog Category

I don’t consider myself a very technical person, but in order to be a successful blogger, I’ve been forced to learn basic HTML and CSS. I have self-taught myself by scouring the internet and reading a ton of articles and how-to-guides. I’m also fortunate to have good friends who are graphic designers and internet gurus who help me along the way.

Since some of my followers and subscribers are newbies or beginner bloggers, I want to share my expertise with you. I’m adding a new section to Hip Chick’s Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies to help new bloggers – Blogging Tips & Tutorials.

Each week, you can look forward to a new post in “Blogging Tips & Tutorials.” I offer how-to-guides on how to get more traffic to your blog or website, how to make money blogging (including blog monetization tips), WordPress and Blogger tutorials (because I have used both blogging formats), and more.

If you have any questions about blogging, or if you have a specific question you’d like me to answer or blog about, feel free to email me (dp@mypregnancybaby.com).