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Feeding Baby

How to Freeze Organic Baby Food

freezing baby foodWhen breastfeeding stops and your baby is ready to move on to solids, you begin to pine for those good old days when “preparing” a meal for your kid was as easy as placing him or her gently on your bosom.

Unfortunately, breast milk is not enough anymore and soon enough, baby is ready for fruits and vegetables, and very soon after that, meat. The choice then becomes: buy food in a jar or prepare it yourself.  While most prefer making baby food themselves, the problem is, in many households where both parents are working, cooking healthy and ideally organic meats and vegetables requires time that most don’t have.
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Helping Your Baby Move from Breastfeeding to Bottlefeeding

How to Switch from Breastfeeding to FormulaWhen you begin looking at using a bottle with your baby, you immediately think that you will have to give your baby formula, which many mothers would rather not do. That’s understandable. But using a bottle does not mean your baby will not be getting that nutritional breast milk.

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Bottlefeeding Basics: How to Choose and Prepare Formula

how to bottle feedIf you’re a new mommy who’s decided, for whatever reason, not to breastfeed your baby, you can rest assured that bottle feeding your baby is the only safe alternative to nourish your baby. Although most baby formulas on the market are made with cow’s milk, formula is not the same as straight cow’s milk. All infant formulas include added enzymes, vitamins, and fats – which aren’t included in cow’s milk. For this reason, experts do not recommend that you ever feed your baby cow’s milk until he or she is over one year old.

There are a variety of different cow milk formulas on store shelves; all of these have similar nutritional value and quality. Some of the more expensive formulas may include special ingredients, but overall, there is no significant evidence that these formulas are better than others. You may have noticed that your hospital used a particular brand of infant formula, but this doesn’t mean that this brand isn’t the best.
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Why Breastfeed Your Baby?

Benefits of BreastfeedingBarely a few days after my daughter was born, I went for a short walk with her and a woman came up to us and said, “Oh, what a cute baby!” So far, so good. Babies are cute. “Do you breastfeed her?” was the lady’s follow-up.

Breastfeeding, as you know if you have had a baby, is a topic many people are very nosey about. We’ve got the “breastfeeding mafia” of mothers who think every other mom should also nurse, and the crowd that thinks breastfeeding in public is obscene. Whatever you do, you can’t win.
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