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Baby Development

Infant Sleep Linked to Growth Spurts in Babies

infant sleepHas your baby started to nap more often? This may be a sign that a growth spurt is on its way. A new study has confirmed a longstanding theory – infant sleeping patterns are related to growth spurts in babies. This theory has never been proven until now.

According to a new research study in the recent issue of Sleep, babies who start to take more naps, or sleep for longer periods of time, are more likely to undergo a growth spurt within the next two days. So, if you think your baby has suddenly gotten bigger overnight, you might be right! Read more


Guide to Baby Milestones in the First 12 Months

baby developmental milestonesIt is always exciting to witness each and every baby milestone that your baby reaches – not just the first time your baby walks or talks, but the little milestones, like the first time your baby smiles at you or when your baby rolls over.

Baby milestones aren’t just thrilling for parents, but they’re markers for you and doctors to track your baby’s development. For most milestones, there’s a range of what’s considered “normal.” It’s important not to panic if your baby is delayed in a milestone. Different factors play into baby milestones.

However, it’s a good idea to pay extra attention to your baby’s milestones to make sure he or she is on the right track.

Here are 8 major milestones to pay attention to in the first year of life. [continue reading…]


Read to Your Baby – The Importance of Books, Audiobooks, and the Spoken Word

Guest Post by Shellie Braeuner of Kids Audiobook Reviews

Read and speak aloud – Your baby is listening.

Newborn babies have been listening to the sound of human voices from the time they are in the womb and prefer that sound to any other. (In fact, newborn babies automatically recognize the sound of their mother’s voice minutes after birth, and they can distinguish it from other voices around them.)

There is an important developmental reason for why babies enjoy the sound of human voices – they need to listen to hundreds of thousands of words before they are able to utter even one.

Talking to your baby is vital.  Eye contact while holding and talking to a newborn helps them bond and learn the importance of language between people. [continue reading…]