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Create a Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

This is a Sponsored Post by Vertbaudet.

It was really important to me to create a capsule wardrobe with my maternity clothes, so that’s exactly what I did during my last pregnancy.  By that time, I’d already acquired a bit of a collection, so it wasn’t too tough to find ways to mix and match components.  However, I thought I’d pass along this information to those whose collection isn’t as extensive, so that they can build a capsule maternity wardrobe that they may want to return to someday.

Of course, the simplest way to go about creating a capsule wardrobe is to simply think about the various components of an outfit.  For tops, I personally went with Vertbaudet’s Maternity T-shirt.  I found this to be a good choice for the capsule wardrobe because it came in both beige medium solid and green light greyed colours, which make them easy to use with other colours.  Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, neutral colours are generally a good way to ensure that the various components of your capsule wardrobe will work together.  In other words, if you choose tops with colours and designs that stand out too much, you may have trouble incorporating such garments into a proper outfit.  The design of this shirt is also such that it gathers around the waist area, which adds that extra bit of warmth to the stomach.

Maternity T-shirt

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

The Maternity Soft sweater from Vertbaudet was another good choice in terms of being easily mixed in with various types of bottoms.  The colours that this top comes in are grey medium mixed and purple dark solid.  The latter colour includes a graphic.  This sweater is 60% viscose and 40% cotton, which I found made for an ideal mixture of comfort and warmth.

Now let’s move on to the bottom component.  Like in the top area, I prefer to get bottoms that can be easily mixed and matched thanks to their relative unobtrusiveness.  I also like jeans.  That’s why I went with the Maternity Bootcut jeans from Vertbaudet.  These pants have a slimming effect, and the fact that they’re comprised of 98% cotton helps to make them comfy.  It doesn’t matter whether you choose the stonewashed blue or the untreated colour, these jeans are easy enough to wear with all kinds of different tops.  The stretch denim material of these pants helps to ensure that they accommodate women in various stages of their pregnancy.  I was able to wear these jeans well into mine.

Another offering from Vertbaudet for pregnant women is the Maternity City Trousers.  As the name of this pant implies, it is designed for pregnant women to wear out and about.  I really liked the fact that these pants are also made to wear well into the pregnancy, as the waistband is adjustable with both buttons and elastic that sits inside.  The fine-tuned fit helped to keep me comfortable.  There’s also a tie-belt around the waist.  These pants are comprised of 65% polyester and 35% cotton which help to make them soft on the skin.

Maternity Warddrobe Fashion

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

When dealing with maternity clothes, there are obviously a lot of ways to mix and match components to make an outfit.  It’s all about comfort and personal taste, really.  One thing that I personally always make sure of is the fact that the garments are all machine washable.  I don’t want to have to go through the ordeal of making special trips to the dry cleaner just so I can get my pants clean.  Therefore, everything I’ve listed here above is washable in a regular machine.


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Vertbaudet was established over twenty years ago in France, and now operates as a worldwide leading children’s clothing brand. Vertbaudet’s UK office’s opened in 1997, and is now part of a prestigious homeshopping network that continues to garner a reputation for excellence. As a designer brand, Vertbaudet’s popularity has led to the opening of several high street stores across Europe.

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  • Meagan January 12, 2012, 10:13 am

    Those pants are adorable! 🙂 so good to know they have cute maternity clothes

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